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Between.Pomiędzy Annual International Conference
Textual Studies Research Group/Scottish Studies Research Group/Between.Pomiędzy Foundation        
prof. dr hab. David Malcolm
dr Monika Szuba
dr Tomasz Wiśniewski
The annual conference, a central part of the Between.Pomiędzy International Festival since its inception in 2010, brings together scholars and writers/theatre practitioners. Past topics include: Samuel Beckett’s work; early twentieth-century poetry and its influence; John Berger’s writing; place and space in Scottish literature. International speakers include: H. Porter Abbott (University of California, Santa Barbara); Derek Attridge (Durham University); John Bowen (York University); Enoch Brater (University of Michigan); David Constantine (The Queen’s College, Oxford); Stanley E. Gontarski (Florida State University); Alan Riach (Glasgow University); Carla Sassi (University of Verona). The theme of the 2016 conference is experiment.
Between.Pomiędzy Series
Textual Studies Research Group/Between.Pomiędzy Foundation
prof. dr hab. David Malcolm
dr Monika Szuba
dr Tomasz Wiśniewski
between.pomiędzy is a series of publications produced under the aegis of the Textual Studies Research Group of the University of Gdańsk and the Foundation BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY.
The series includes the following: 1. Samuel Beckett. Tradycja-awangarda., ed. Tomasz Wiśniewski (2012); 2. Back to the Beckett Text, ed. Tomasz Wiśniewski (2012); 3. Poeci współcześni. Poeci przeszłości, ed. Monika Szuba and Tomasz Wiśniewski (2013); 4. Poets of the Past. Poets of the Present, ed. Monika Szuba and Tomasz Wiśniewski (2013); 5. Między słowem a rzeczy-wistością. Poezja Eliota wobec cielesności i Wcielenia, ed. Jean Ward and Maria Fengler (2015); 6. Boundless Scotland: Space in Contemporary Scottish Fiction, ed. Monika Szuba (2015); 7. Time, Narrative, and Imagination: essays on Paul Auster, ed. Arkadiusz Misztal (2015).
Editorial board: Vincent Broqua (University of Paris-8), S.E. Gontarski (Florida State University), Wolfgang Görtschacher, (University of Salzburg), Ralf Hertel (University of Trier), Kenneth Pickering (University of Kent), Alan Riach (University of Glasgow), Carla Sassi (University of Verona), and Jean Ward (University of Gdańsk).
The Between.Pomiędzy Almanach
Textual Studies Research Group/Between.Pomiędzy Foundation
Tomasz Wiśniewski (Editor)/ Co-editors:
prof. dr hab. David Malcolm
dr Monika Szuba
Żaneta Nalewajk
The Between.Pomiędzy Almanach is a collection of scholarship, poetry, prose, non-fiction, and interviews. Editions have come out in 2013 and 2015. Contributors are international and include: Paul Allain; Derek Attridge; Edward Balcerzan; Justyna Bargielska; Stefan Chwin; David Constantine; Małgorzata Czermińska; Antoni Libera; Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin; Graham Swift.
Advisory Board: H. Porter Abbott (University of California, Santa Barbara), Enoch Brater (University of Michigan), David Constantine (The Queen’s College, Oxford), S.E. Gontarski (Florida State University), Jerzy Jarniewicz (University of Łódź), Antoni Libera (Warsaw), and Jean Ward (University of Gdańsk)
The University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Seminar
Beckett Research  Group in Gdańsk/ Zespół badań nad twórczością Samuela Becketta
dr Tomasz Wiśniewski
The University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Seminars have been organized since 2010 as part of the Between.Pomiędzy  festival. They have been attended by scholars and artists from various parts of the world and have resulted in several publications. Guest speakers have included: Antoni Libera, Irena Jun, Marcello Magni (Theatre de Complicite), S.E. Gontarski (USA), Enoch Brater (USA), H. Porter Abbott (USA), Derek Attridge (Wielka Brytania), Patricio Orozco (Festival Beckett Buenos Aires) and Mark Nixon (Beckett International Foundation). Professor S.E. Gontarski of Florida State Univesity USA is the honorary patron of the research group.
Scottish Studies
Textual Studies Research Group/Scottish Studies Research Group/Between.Pomiędzy Foundation
prof. dr hab. David Malcolm
dr Monika Szuba
dr Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Charlish
The Scottish Studies Research Group “Nowe Szkoty” brings together researchers from the Department of English Language Cultures and Literatures at the University of Gdańsk as well as a national and international network of scholars. General aims include: promotion of interest in Scottish literature and culture (art, film, theatre etc.) in Poland and elsewhere; cooperation (with publishing outcomes) with scholars at academic institutions in Poland and abroad; organization of  conferences and scholarly meetings within the framework of Scottish literature and culture.
Scholars affiliated with the research group include: prof. dr Christoph Heyl (University of Duisburg-Essen); prof. dr hab. Jerzy Jarniewicz (University of Łódź); prof. UW, dr hab. Aniela Korzeniowska (University of Warsaw); dr Monika Kocot (University of Łódź, Poland); dr Halszka Leleń (University of Warmia and Mazury,  Olsztyn); dr Margery Palmer McCulloch (University of Glasgow); prof. Glenda Norquay (Liverpool John Moores University); prof. Alan Riach (University of Glasgow).
In October 2015, Nowe Szkoty organized the international conference Place and Space in Scottish Literature. The web site Nowe Szkoty has been in operation since 2014.
Ideal Quality in Good Quantity - interdisciplinary developmental support of a foreign language student by the method of academic tutoring at the University of Gdansk. (IQ)
dr Beata Karpińska-Musiał
tel. 603 076 980, lingbet@gmail.com
1.03.2014 – 31.05.2016
The “IQ”  Project has been funded by EEA Grants and Norway Grants (Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway), and partially by national funds operated by National Agency Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji (FRSE)  in Warsaw. The money (345 408,88 PLN) was granted in the competition named Rozwój Polskich Uczelni, within the program called Fundusz Stypendialno-Szkoleniowy. The objective of the project has been to widen the scope of the participants’, i.e. UG teachers’, didactic competencies by the implementation of academic tutoring into their teaching practice at the Faculty of Languages. Having first taken 64 hours of intensive training in the methodology of personalized tutorial, 29 academics, all in all from several UG Departments, conducted almost 1580 hours of Oxford tutorials with 227 students in the academic year 2014/15. This educational project has been designed to provide an alternative offer for students in the face of the lacking Student-Master relationship in the reality of a mass-education. Students have received a highly qualitative sample of individual study within their tutors’ research areas, but still were free to follow their academic interests in a fully dialogic and respectful relationship (they chose the tutors). This procedure allowed for raising the effectiveness of both teaching and learning, and the improvement of other social skills: good governance, communicative skills, time-management and responsibility. The beneficiaries of the project are not only students, but also tutors themselves. They have had a chance to observe their own process of learning that occurred naturally while meeting their Tutees regularly and in person. As a result, some of them will contribute to the project printed publication by writing articles based on their research in action. Project Coordinator shall additionally edit the students’ paperback publication consisting of essays and reflexive comments on this highly qualitative academic experience. The Project shall be culminated with a conference in April 2016 entitled: Ideal Quality in Good Quantity – academic teaching in the process of change ( W trosce o jakość w ilości – dydaktyka akademicka w procesie zmian). For more information, please search the website: www.projetkiq.ug.edu.pl
Utopia Study Group & Alternative Worlds Study Group
prof. UG, dr hab.
Artur Blaim
and prof. UG, dr hab. Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim
organisation of international conferences of the Utopian Studies Society /Europe:
“Spectres of Utopia”, Lublin (1-4 July 2010), “Solidarity and Utopia”, Gdańsk (July 2017);
joint publications with other members of the Utopian Studies Society Europe:
Artur Blaim & Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim (ed), Imperfect Worlds and Dystopian Narratives in Contemporary Cinema. Frankfurt am Mein: Peter Lang, 2011;
Artur Blaim & Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim (ed), Spectres of Utopia: Theory, Practice, Conventions. Peter Lang: Frankfurt 2012;
Fatima Vieira (ed.), Dystopia(n) Matters: On the Page, on Screen, on Stage. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2013;
Pere Gallardo, Elizabeth Russell (ed.), Yesterday's Tomorrows: On Utopia and Dystopia. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2014;
participation in Annual General Meetings and conferences of the Utopian Studies Society since 2007;
participation in organizational and editorial activities of  the Utopian Studies Society:
Artur Blaim: member of the committee of USS since 2010
Artur Blaim: member of the International Advisory Board of Utopian Studies Journal since 1990.
Scholars affiliated with the research group include:    Utopia Study Group: Artur Blaim (University of Gdansk), Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim (University of Gdansk), Maja Wojdyło (University of Gdansk), Patricia Sorensen (University of Gdansk)
& Alternative Worlds Study Group: Artur Blaim (University of Gdansk), Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim (University of Gdansk), Zofia Kolbuszewska (John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin), Katarzyna Pisarska (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin), Jorge Bastos da Silva (University of Porto)
prof. UG dr hab. Jean Ward
since 2013
The aim of the project is to investigate the poetry of religious experience from the early modern period to the present day, principally in English but with a European frame of reference and in dialogue with research on the reading of poetry from a theological and philosophical perspective. The project has links with Heythrop College, University of London through the Power of the Word project designed to provide a forum for discussion among literary scholars, philosophers, theologians and poets.