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The University of Gdansk is the largest educational institution in the Pomerania region. We have eleven faculties with almost thirty-three thousand students, doctoral students and post-graduates, who are taught by one thousand seven hundred academic staff.

The University of Gdansk has actively participated in Erasmus programme since 1998. In the current academic year more than 200 students from the University of Gdansk are taking advantage of the possibility to study abroad, while around 150 students from all over Europe are coming to the University. The number of students and scientific staff coming and going is constantly increasing.

Erasmus+. Offer for incoming students. Click here


 Faculty of Languages Coordinator, Deputy Dean for International Affairs and Development:

Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020

Erasmus+ at the Faculty of Languages for incoming students:

Institute of Applied Linguistics

Institute of Classical and Slavonic Studies

Classical Philology Division
Slavonic and Balkan Studies Division

Institute of Cultural Research

Cultural Division

Film and Media Studies Division

Institute of English and American Studies

Institute of German Philology

Institute of Polish Language and Literature

Institute of Romance Studies

Institute of Russian and Eastern Studies

Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies

Institute of Logopaedics

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