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The Faculty of Languages

The Faculty of Languages boasts the broadest didactic offer, and the largest number of staff and students at the University of Gdańsk. Our motto is: Language in culture, culture in language.

The Faculty provides 26 fields of study relating to the 18 languages and culture of the world, the Baltic countries, Poland and the Pomerania region. The foregoing form part of the following scientific areas: philology and neophilology, literature and linguistic, creative writing and cultural studies (in collaboration with eg. famous all over the world The Musical Theatre in Gdynia and The Gdynia Film School).

We offer 16 philology degree courses, 10 cultural and artistic studies, and one, unique on a national scale, intercollegiate philological and medical course – logopaedics (in collaboration with the Medical University of Gdańsk).

We offer nearly 100 areas of specialization in the framework of 20 first- and second-cycle, full time and part time degree courses

Academic staff

  • 319 academic staff
  • 109 renowned Professors, literary scholars, linguists and culture experts, whose scientific achievements have gained recognition in Poland and abroad
  • 140 young academics with PhD in humanities, full of passion for science and teaching, demonstrating a wide spectrum of interests and highly-qualified.

Research/international cooperation

International exchange and collaboration with foreign institutions from all over the world renders it possible for students to gain hands-on experience as regards the language and culture of their language areas of interest.


Over the last few years, launching of new philology and artistic degree courses popular with the candidates applying for enrolment at the University of Gdańsk (from 5 to 9 candidates per place) is a truly great success.

8 fields of studies run at the Faculty of Languages are among the top 20 most popular.

These are:

  • Audio-Visual Form Production
  • Film and Audio-Visual Culture Studies
  • Scandinavian Studies
  • English Philology
  • Cultural Communication 
  • Arts Management
  • Chinese Studies
  • Classical Studies.

In response to the increased interest in Asian languages, we launched Eastern Studies, Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies. The Faculty of Languages, as the only one in northern Poland, offers the possibility of studying Chinese and Japanese language and culture.

In response to the big interest in Culture Studies eg. film, theatre and visual art, students can choose the Film and Audiovisual Culture or Film and Audio-Visual Film Production courses. We also educate musical theatre actors and cultural institutions managers at the Arts Management course or Theatre Studies.

The Faculty of Languages is the most dynamically developing faculty at the university in terms of the academic staff,  research and also has the widest educational offer at the University of Gdańsk and in northen region of Poland.


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