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2021, September 7 - 12:40pm

Institute of Applied Linguistics

Director – Assoc. Prof. Hadrian Lankiewicz, e-mail: hadrian.lankiewicz@ug.edu.pl

Institute of Classical and Slavonic Studies

Director – Assoc. Prof. Dušan-Vladislav Paždjerski, e-mail: slaw@ug.edu.pl
Deputy Director – Assoc. Prof. Anna Marchewka, e-mail: anna.marchewka@ug.edu.pl
Classical Philology Division
Slavonic and Balkan Studies Division

Institute of Cultural Research

Director – Assoc. Prof. Grzegorz Piotrowski, e-mail: fpomp@ug.edu.pl
Cultural Studies Division
Film and Media Division

Institute of English and American Studies

Director – Assoc. Prof. Mirosława Modrzewska, e-mail: miroslawa.modrzewska@ug.edu.pl

American Studies Division
English Language and Theoretical Linguistics Division
Glottodidactics and Natural Language Processsing Division
Literary Studies in English Division
Translation Studies in English Division
Performing Arts Division

Institute of German Philology

Director – Prof. Mirosław Ossowski, e-mail: miroslaw.ossowski@ug.edu.pl

German Language and Translation Studies Division
German Literature and Culture Division

Institute of Logopaedics

Director – Assoc. Prof. Stanisław Milewski, e-mail: logsm@ug.gda.pl

Institute of Polish Language and Literature

Director –  Assoc. Prof. Dariusz Szczukowski, e-mail: fpoej@ug.edu.pl

Applied Polish Studies Division
Drama and Theatre Division
Polish Language Division
Polish Literary History Division
Theory of Literature and Art Criticism Division

Institute of Romance Studies

Director – Assoc. Prof. Marek Mosakowski, e-mail: filjj@ug.edu.pl

Iberian Studies Division
Romance Linguistics Division
Romance Literatures Division

Institute of Russian and Eastern Studies

Director – Assoc. Prof. Żanna Sładkiewicz, e-mail: filzs@ug.edu.pl

East Asian Culture and Languages Division
Russian Languages and Translation Studies Division
Russian Studies, Literature and Culture Division
Pragmatics of Communication and Russian Language Teaching Division

Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies

Director – Assoc. Prof. Maria Sibińska, e-mail: films@ug.edu.pl