Guest lecture “Shakespeare Without Borders: ‘Naked Shakes’ and a Life in the Theater”

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“Shakespeare Without Borders: ‘Naked Shakes’ and a Life in the Theater”


Professor Irwin Appel

(Department of Theater and Dance University of California Santa Barbara; Artistic Director of Naked Shakes UCSB)

Thursday, October 19, 2023, at 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM, room 259, Neophilology, UG Campus

FREE/wstęp wolny


When we think of borders, we might first imagine physical boundaries or barriers. However, metaphorical, educational, psychological and emotional borders are equally significant. Professor Irwin Appel will discuss both the physical borders in Shakespeare’s plays, but also the hinderances in terms of accessibility and appreciation of Shakespeare’s works.

Professor Appel is a professional actor, director, composer, sound designer, and artistic director of his California-based Shakespeare company Naked Shakes.

He is the director and creator of The Death of Kings, his original adaptation of Shakespeare’s history plays.

At the center of The Death of Kings are questions about monarchy, borders, leadership, birthright, and societal hierarchies.

Professor Appel will share video examples from the show and discuss inspirations behind its creation.

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