Cultural Communication - new course in English

Cultural Communication


Cultural Communication is a new course offered by the University of Gdańsk Faculty of Languages at BA and MA level. It is a good choice for those wishing to develop knowledge and skills in the field of information flow and management in the sphere of language(s), literature, arts, media and culture. The course offers an opportunity to acquire the skills required for effective communication in fluent English and conversational Polish, as well as the soft skills that are indispensable for work in cultural and artistic institutions at the national and international level. It also lays stress on the organisational skills necessary for team work; the ability to design, plan and manage projects in institutions of art and culture, such as theatres, agencies, foundations, associations, departments of culture in local government institutions; and the skills necessary to organise artistic events and festivals.
The majority of subjects offered on this course concern culture, literature and linguistics. They are designed to lead the student to an understanding of European literature and culture; English-language literature; 20th and 21st literature in English translation and migrant literature in English. The course is intended to focus not only on global English- speaking culture but also on the local culture of Gdańsk as a central European port city with a multi-national history, a city which is home to many internationally recognised contemporary artists and writers.
The course offers not only intensive language practice in English and Polish in a variety of registers and professional situations, but also education in local and global literature and culture, visual and audio-visual arts. It will equip the student with the tools necessary for the analysis and interpretation of literary texts, theatrical productions and works of art, as well as other cultural phenomena such as media, politics and intercultural communication. Besides linguistic and artistic communication, the course teaches elements of social psychology, journalism, media studies, economics and cultural geography. The student of Cultural Communication will also gain a good knowledge of information conventions and technologies, as well as modern anthropology.

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Main subjects:
  • Practical English
  • Practical Polish
  • Introduction to Language Studies
  • Social Aspects of Language
  • Introduction to Theory of Communication
  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • History of European Literature and Culture
  • History of Literature in English
  • History of Polish Literature and Culture
  • Semiotics of Culture
  • Artistic Communication, Theatre and Media
  • Social and Political Culture
  • Psychology of Cultural Communication
  • Cultural Landscape
  • Physical Education
  • Electives
  • Seminar
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