Cooperation contact

Cooperation contacts

Institute of Applied Linguistics

Assoc. Prof. Hadrian Lankiewicz, e-mail:

Institute of Classical and Slavonic Studies
Slavonic and Balkan Studies Division

Assoc. Prof. Dušan-Vladislav Paždjerski, e-mail:

Classical Philology Division
PhD Tatiana Krynicka, e-mail:

Institute of Cultural Research

Cultural Studies Division

PhD Aleksandra Wierucka, e-mail:

Film and Media Division

PhD Piotr Kurpiewski, e-mail:

Institute of English and American Studies

Assoc. Prof. Mirosława Modrzewska, e-mail:

Institute of German Philology

Professor Mirosław Ossowski, e-mail:

Institute of Logopaedics

Assoc. Prof. Kaczorowska-Bray Katarzyna, e-mail:

Institute of Polish Language and Literature

Assoc. Prof. Dariusz Szczukowski, e-mail:

Institute of Romance Studies

Assoc. Prof. Joanna Jereczek-Lipińska, e-mail:

Institute of Russian and Eastern Studies

PhD Marta Noińska, e-mail:

Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies

Assoc. Prof. Maria Sibińska,  e-mail:



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